//4 Steps to Building a Fan Base With Webinars

4 Steps to Building a Fan Base With Webinars

Every MLM needs employees, distributors, and customers. But did you know that to be truly successful in this hyper-social, hyper-networked world, you also need fans? Fans differentiate themselves from customers by having a strong sense of dedication to a particular brand or organization. This dedication is helpful because fans will passionately spread the word about your company. You can call on them to support you in any particular campaign or goal.

We at Zoom have relied on our fans to help us achieve massive organic growth. We’re so grateful to these fans for all they’ve done to tell the world about Zoom.

You too can grow your own fan base. First, you need to understand where fans come from. Your first organic fans come purely because they tried your product out and liked you more than your competitors. After that, you have to nurture this base while you continue to grow it. To foster a fan base you need to establish relationships with your customers. One of the best ways to do this is through webinars. We’ll show you how.

1. Figure out what your customers actually want.

Your customers are buying your product for a reason. What you see on your end is the transaction, but what you need right now is the motivation behind the purchase. Start looking for patterns, such as what combination of products are often bought, and make a correlation between them. Even better: Ask them! Get your customers’ feedback either by calling or emailing them individually or through structured surveys. At Zoom, the marketing team also frequently checks in with our customer success team to see what questions customers are asking most. As soon as you know what your customers want, you can structure your webinars.

2. Find out what they need to learn.

Let’s say you own a cosmetics company and just noticed that most of your orders are for eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner. Take this to its logical next step and consider what people would need to know to use these products. Consider that if they’re buying the products, they might already know the basics but can always learn about special techniques. In this case, for example, you could speak about common mistakes made in eye make-up application.

But what if the purchases were mostly just general beauty tools like brushes, eyelash curlers, and tweezers? You can still make this work. For this particular scenario, you could speak about better storage solutions and how to keep your tools clean. There’s a topic of discussion for everything.

The most important thing for each case is to capture as many customers as possible without diluting the subject too much. You need to find that sweet spot where you can capture everyone’s interest without talking down to your core customers. Your data already provides the guideline for how your webinar will flow. If a larger proportion of customers chooses to purchase one particular set of products, you may want to dedicate more time to this and spread it evenly whenever possible throughout your session.

3. Promote the webinar.

Now is not the time to be shy. Shout it from the mountain tops: “Come to our webinar!!!!” Use social media, blogging, email, newsletters, your sales team, and any other means you can imagine to get the word out about your webinar. Be sure to describe the webinar, including any guest speakers and topics covered. You can even offer a raffle prize to increase attendance.

4. Make some webinar magic!

When creating a webinar, it’s important to make sure that you’re not just a talking head boring everyone to death. You can start with a few introductory slides, but quickly move on to the more interactive parts of the webinar. For example, instead of describing your product, demo it live during the webinar. Instead of saying “Our customers love this,” invite a customer on to tell their own story. Everyone you invite should be an expert on the subject material. This will help provide a true learning experience for both you and your customers.

The final item on your webinar should be the Q&A. This establishes dialogue with your customers and makes them feel like they have participated. Zoom Video Webinars even allow you to upgrade a viewer to a video panelist so they can ask their question live and join the discussion, making for a particularly interactive experience.

By the time you’re finished, you should have at least a handful of fans among your attendees. That by itself can have a major impact on the future of your business over the long run. If you haven’t tried Zoom Video Webinars, it’s probably about time you wielded its power on your business. Sign up for a live demo with a webinar specialist today!

PS. We don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. Check out our upcoming webinars. We look forward to seeing you there!

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