//7 Types of Love Messages to Keep the Romance Alive Between Couples

7 Types of Love Messages to Keep the Romance Alive Between Couples

7 Types of Love Messages to Keep the Romance Alive Between Couples

It is a benefit to live in this time of texting and mechanical improvements. You can stay in contact with your friends and family through a call or text.

It is fun and engaging enough to express your affection to your partner through love messages.

Seeking attention through messages is the new age mantra, and if you both like it, this can give rise to fascinating discussions. Dialogs from movies, songs, or simple quotes can be great sources of being a great texter.

Love messages can work magically in uplifting each other’s moods.

It’s sometimes a text that can make your significant other’s day. There are various ways of creating love text messages that can be appreciated for their wordings.

Here is how we thought of helping you out –

1. Start the day with a good morning

This is definitely what you’d expect after a night of staying away from each other.

Good morning love messages are everybody’s dream to wake up to, if not next to that person. Apart from the complexity of writing difficult love messages, a simple greeting and good luck can do justice to the cause.

There is no need for assigning the job to one person. Whoever wakes up first will do it automatically. Make a habit of trying to win in doing it so that the long distance doesn’t cause problems in your relationship.

Do it even if you’re about to see that person on the following day.

2. Say I love you

Of course, can you live up a whole day without saying I love you to your partner? The sweet ‘I love you messages’ have the energy to light up a whole mood.

If you can’t be present the whole day, leave a nice text with I love you written at the end.

In the same way, love messages are an excellent way to make up for your mistakes or to sympathize to their problems. It can be the reason they’d feel special. They might live up to the thought that somewhere, someone loves them this much.

What are you waiting for? Send that text right away.

3. Romance


A bit of romance doesn’t harm anyone. Getting cheesy in the conversations is never a no.

Romantic love messages come in way too many forms. Don’t get overexcited with the term. Remember, the subtler it is, the better it stays.

Keep it low-key and sweet. Even if you do go for it, try to be really sweet and affectionate. Any such messages, when sent abruptly, can give rise to a lot of problems. Therefore, don’t ever kill the romance, but don’t go overboard.

You’d not expect your partner to flirt with you during a meeting or during groceries. Or will you?

4. Get way too sweet

If you have assumed your partner is in a really bad or sad mood, take charge. It’s your time to light up their mood without sounding annoying.

The only way is to hear their part of the story. Be really apologetic if they have faced some loss. Be very sweet if they lack motivation.

Sweet love messages can be a good source of boosting your partner’s belief in themselves.

Maybe that one text of yours describing their good personality or trait can lift them up. It might as well make them confident about themselves and subsequently, enhance their self-love.

5. Get touchy

This is definitely a big YES.

Everyone loves to get the most touching love messages when they’re going through a breakdown. If you can’t physically be there or call them, make sure you send those touchy texts.

Don’t be too harsh if they’re feeling a bit low about themselves. Don’t be too energetic as well. Sometimes all you got to do is to be touchy about their concern.

Make them feel that their concern and sadness is genuine. But, at the same time, tell them how much you’d rather appreciate them smiling and being happy.

6. Random messages

Spontaneous texting is probably the best way of keeping it all smooth and healthy. Don’t wait for them to text you. Grab your phone and text them right away.

Keeping such absurd expectations can only make it worse.

The more you expect, the more you hate.

It is better to be very random and text right away. Nobody is asking you to be cheesy or lovey. A random update about yourself and routine and asking about theirs is more than enough.

7. Give some space

This is the most important point.

There can be a lot of genuine reasons for them to not reply within a minute. Maybe wait if it is not the usual time of texting. If you have texted them out of the blue, they can take as long as it’s justified.

Don’t kill the whole mood by expecting back to back texting.


Your relationship, your mood, and your love are all in your hands. You can’t let anyone govern it; neither ruin it in haste.

Love messages are a very nice way of keeping up with each other. If you want to be together every minute, leave nice messages for them to see later on.

This way, a little bit of sweetness and spice will remain built up in your relationship.

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