//Cute Panda Eating Bamboo

Cute Panda Eating Bamboo

This cute panda is munching his breakfast bamboo buffet. He never flosses.
At the Giant Panda Research Station at the San Diego Zoo, there are “quiet please” signs all over and you can walk in and see the pandas pretty close up. There are 4 pandas currently, and room to house 6.
The first two pandas came in 1987 as a special 12 year loan from China. Then in 1999 Bai Yun (female, name means White Cloud in Chinese) and Shi Shi (male, name means rock in Chinese) had a baby panda: Hua Mei (female name means China-USA). This was a huge deal because it was the first giant panda born in North America to live to become an adult. I got to see Hua Mei as a baby. She was irresistably cute. In 2004 she returned to Wolong Giant Panda Research Center in China. In September 2004 Hua Mei gave birth to twins at the Wolong facility. She had another set of twins on August

29, 2005! After Hua Mei, two other pandas have been born at the San Diego zoo. Mei Shing (Boy, August 19, 2003), and Su Lin (Girl,August 2, 2005).
More information about the giant pandas http://www.sandiegozoo.org/zoo/ex_panda_station.html
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