//Do you guys like this hamster enclosure idea?

Do you guys like this hamster enclosure idea?

I've been inspired by the YouTuber Hopping Hammy and I've been researching a lot about hamsters out of a recent obsession. I'm developing a cage idea for my office/bedroom and I'm wondering if this is a good idea or if it probably won't turn out as expected (I mean, they're animals…they're gonna do what they're gonna do not what you want them to do).

The main cage is going to be either an IKEA detolf cage (learned about this from the YouTuber Victoria Raechel) or a 75 gallon fish tank. Either way, it will have a natural set up to it. On one side, the bedding will be about 10" deep for burrowing, the other side will be more shallow so to add an appropriate size wheel. Various hides and toys will be around the detolf cage for obvious hammy use.

On top of the enclosure I'll have a shelf covering part of the cage with OVO hamster cages above. I'll essentially be stealing Hopping Hammy's design in this video (just skip to like 1:53ish) only the middle cage (hers is blue) will be a sand bath instead of typical bedding. Then, I'll be using a bunch of tubes to connect these OVO cages from the main detold cage over to my desk where it will connect to a 20L tank (my desk is under my loft bed on the wall adjacent to the wall the cage will be on). This way, if the hamster wants to be by me while I'm working he can just travel the tubes. Also I can watch him more from my desk since he'll be right next to me in the 20L. This next part might be the trickiest to figure out, but I also want to somehow get a OVO cage to connect up by my bed so if he climbs up there I can possibly watch before I go to sleep or maybe even take him out and have him on my bed with me.

Few things I should mention and some concerns. First, I'd prefer this enclosure to be for a syrian hamster but if a dwarf hamster would work best then I'll adopt one of those instead. I'm aware this is a super expensive project, I have quite a bit of money saved up and even if it's not a lot I'll be buying this and setting it up piece by piece not all at once. Some of my concerns are if the hamster will even use the extra cages that I'm connecting to his main cage? Will be get stuck in these tubes? What about getting lost? Now, this is just in the planning stages at this point so nothing has been purchased yet. I know that what I might be picturing in my head won't work in practice. If anyone has any advice, ideas, opinions, etc. feel free to let me know. Idk where is even an appropriate place to ask this type of thing so I just searched "hamster" on reddit. If there's a more appropriate place to ask this, lemme know.

If you have any questions or need clarifications just lemme know

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