//For Your Viewing Pleasure: DaBaby & Young Thug Release The Visual For “Blind”

For Your Viewing Pleasure: DaBaby & Young Thug Release The Visual For “Blind”


Source: Spicy Rico / Interscope

Recently DaBaby lost his brother Glenn Johnson due to suicide which promoted him to issue a message to his fans. He urged his fans to make sure they check on their family members and be there for them as much as possible. When you’re a rapper and constantly on the road and trying to maintain an exhausting travel schedule it can be hard to even check on yourself. DaBaby has been through a lot of losses alongside his wins in the music industry and seems to be able to maintain composure even when it gets tough. Today he released the visual for his track “Blind”. The theme of the video directly supports his previous message of checking on your family. The video shows him calling his grandpa to checkin with him on his birthday before letting him know he had something special planned for him. He flys grandpa to his location and lets him indulge in the always fun rapper activities. Young Thug does appear in the video for his part on the song but it’s safe to say the stand in Grandpa steals the show. Grandpa gets cozy wtih the onset models and essentially reacts like a teenager who’s invited to an all you can drink bar. You can watch the full video below!

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