//Has anyone else been inundated with this company that claims you can “break up with the PAP?” (X-posted)

Has anyone else been inundated with this company that claims you can “break up with the PAP?” (X-posted)


Absolute evil garbage. They are preying on women's distate for PAP smears and blatantly lying that you will never need a PAP smear again with their testing.

Excuse me?

Did I miss something where HPV was literally the only cause for cervical cancer? Did I also miss the part where PAP tests usually include breast exams and checking ovaries for lumps or cysts? Did I also misunderstand the idea that you still need to have found actual cancerous cells on the cervix before you start cancer treatments OBVIOUSLY?

This company is saying that if you use their testing PAP tests can be obsolete. I mean, clearly if you test positive for one of the strains that can cause cervical cancer you should just go ahead and have your cervix removed and start cancer treatment! No need for a PAP smear or any other testing to make sure you actually have cancer! A postitive HPV test especially doesn't mean you have to regularly receive PAP smears to test for cancerous cells due to higher risk… it literally means this test is all that is needed and you have cancer! DOWN WITH THE PAP!

hugest fucking /s ever.

This company is evil and it is garbage. This test is good to use along with PAP smears, not to replace them. They are liars and should be reported for false advertising. Luckily, I am Canadian and this is super illegal here (not sure why it keeps showing up on my feed) but you ladies down south need to rip this piece of shit, for-profit company to shreds.

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