//Hello! i need advice on getting a rat :)

Hello! i need advice on getting a rat :)

so i'm 15, and i turn 16 in a few days. my friend wants to get me a rat and won't let me say no, which i am so fine with and would love a rat, but there's a few problems.

1) how do i convince my parents? they said in the past i could get a snake if i could buy food for it online, and since i can buy rat food online AND at some walmart's (where they go every weekend), i feel that ups my chances of a yes?

2) my cat. my cat Pinecone is THE QUEEN of my bedroom, she sleeps there every night and is always in my room if she's not outside, and i'm pretty sure my cat would stress the rat out, yet i don't want to kick her out. i love my cat AND i would love my rat.

3) i don't have a car. but i have a debit card, and i'm going to get a job very soon.

thoughts? i've had a pet rat before when i lived with my aunt, but i was inexperienced with them and my aunt (who owned rats in the past) helped me pick food and everything, but she didn't get the right stuff, and wouldn't clean her cage or feed her when i had to go to my parents and couldn't bring her. she promised me she would take care of her and didn't, she she got sick and starved. (they got a guinea pig a year later and she's still alive and it's been a few years and i'm pissed off because she WAS my sisters but she didn't take care of him bc of working all day so my aunt took care of her) but i know i'm ready to have a rat, and take good care of her.

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