//Introducing Our Next Bible Study – Faith & Provision

Introducing Our Next Bible Study – Faith & Provision

June 18th – July 12th, 2019

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Before I announce our next study, I wanted to tell you about an encouraging letter I received from a pastor’s wife in India. They wrote to let me know that they are sharing my Bible studies and resources with their churches, fellowship pastors, gospel teams, women’s groups, and home fellowships. And that they are strengthened by the teachings. 

So thank you, thank you, thank you so much for everyone who supports this ministry with prayer, encouraging words, and donations. Letters like this remind me that the internet is more than simply a social media platform. It’s an opportunity to share the gospel with people around the world. And together we’re doing that. They’ve also asked us to pray for both them and their gospel teams as they are reaching and winning Souls in the interior regions. She writes, “We have much idolatry here and people do not know JESUS and we are reaching and planting the gospel seeds in these interior villages.”

Announcing Our Next Bible Study

I’m so excited to finally have our next Bible study for you–“Faith & Provision.” We did this study three years ago, but at that time it was one of my first studies and back then we were just scratching the surface. I loved it back then, but I wanted to redo it with a little more depth this time around.

What It’s About

While our faith in God might be strong, many have lost their perspective on His mighty power and strength. We need to re-examine our thoughts–hold them captive if we must–until we can step aside and allow Him to lead. This study helps us to do that as we examine the topic of faith and the incomparable provision of God. Each week we’ll examine three faithful men or women who put God first, and allowed Him to move in their lives. As we dig into scripture we focus on four aspects of faith:

Week 1 – Faith is CourageousWeek 2 – Faith Leads to VictoryWeek 3 – Faith Glorifies GodWeek 4 – Faith Can Move Mountains

As we look at each Biblical account of faith in action, we’ll be asking ourselves these questions:

What have I learned from this scripture? How was faith exercised? How can I apply this to my life?What have I learned about God’s provision?

Study Guide

For those of you who want to purchase the study guide, it’s available now at Amazon (click here to go there). Here’s a peek at some of the inside pages:

If you aren’t buying a study guide, you can definitely join in on the study with us as I’ll be providing free resources for you each week.

Mark Your Calendars

This will be a four-week study beginning June 18th and ending July 12th.

Each Tuesday during the 4-weeks, I’ll provide you with an introduction and three Bible reading assignments that illustrate faith & provision. I’m still thinking of a good idea for a printable to offer you. I have some ideas in mind, but I’m thinking them through.

Each Friday I’ll share my thoughts on the assignments as they relate to faith and provision as well as a conclusion for each week.

Unlike the other studies I’ve had in previous years, I won’t be offering an alternative study guide. You’ll still be getting the same information that I would provide in the guide, but you’ll have to come back to the blog each week for your next assignment. It’s my hope that in doing this I’ll encourage readers to stay connected while keeping the content fresh.

For those who purchase the study guide, you won’t have to download the reading assignments each week, but you will want to return here, as I’ll have updates every Friday during the study where I share my thoughts on the assignments.

Okay, so click through to Amazon to get your study guide Faith & Provision: 4-Week Bible Study Journal. Then come back here to the blog on June 18th to get started with our study! 🙂

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You are loved by an almighty God,

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