//Local SEO for a business without a location over multiple towns?

Local SEO for a business without a location over multiple towns?

My brother and I have a small business replacing / repairing car windshields for customers. We have a few employees, and we don't have a physical location. We travel to the customers house and replace their windshield in their driveway, or if they lives very far away we have them meet us halfway in a parking lot somewhere.

We have a VERY large service area, spanning ~9 towns / cities, and we need more business. We haven't been taking SEO seriously, and are trying to do that now.

How should we be listing ourselves on Google Business / Yelp? We don't have a physical location, and it seems like Google really wants us to have an address. Should I have a separate listing for each town / city we serve, or just one listing with a massive service area? One listing seems much less effective, but I'm also not sure. How should I handle our website? If we have multiple listings on Google Business / Yelp, do I need a separate website for each? We are trying to talk our cousin into expanding our business about an hour and a half away in his city / state. Obviously that would need it's own Google Business / Yelp listing, but can we use the same website? What's ideal here? submitted by /u/cakes4us [link] [comments]

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