//Run-On Sentence per Picture!

Run-On Sentence per Picture!

Just a simple post for today and I’ll explain why in a bit.

If you haven’t tried this syrup yet, I highly encourage you to do so quickly.

IMG 8864

Met up with Emilee for some speed.

IMG 8866

Did a few pickups in the middle of the 8 miles and it felt good to get my legs spinning.

IMG 8867

Went to the dentist to get my teeth whitened which was the worst decision ever ha… they hurt SO so bad for the rest of the day (hence the simple post today) I couldn’t believe it (my dentist said it hurt the same for him too but once again I forgot before doing this that I only can handle running pain… definitely not sensitive teeth pain) but they told me today they should feel a lot better.

IMG 8882

Andrew was working on a new project in the backyard (his goal is to redo our backyard this summer himself because the terraces are starting to collapse).

IMG 8874

These two were back together again.

IMG 8876

Hit up the park for a bit!

IMG 8911

And relaxed on the couch.

IMG 8914

My sis-in-law is brilliant… she locked up all of the electronics and candy for the kid’s spring break!

IMG 8878

Has anyone had any of their races cancelled for the year… I haven’t but I’ve been wondering how the races have handled the cancellations and how any of you are doing that has had any of their  races canceled.


Andrew’s work has placed a travel ban on their employees (if they travel outside of Utah they have to be cleared to be able to come back to work again).

IMG 8833


Give me your sentence for the day please!

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