//The Voice on Blockchain

The Voice on Blockchain

Season 1, Day 9Top 10 Contestants (updated daily)

№1 Once Upon a Crime Score: 1063.1

Once Upon A Crime | True Crime | Listen Free on Castbox.

№2 Mysterious Radio Score: 419.3

Mysterious Radio | Listen Free on Castbox.

№3 The Inspiring Talk Score: 267

The Inspiring Talk | Listen Free on Castbox.

№4 Cabin nightmare stories Score: 141.2

Cabin Nightmare Stories | Listen Free on Castbox.

№5 Money in the Bank Score: 133.8

Money In The Bank | Listen Free on Castbox.

№6 BodySnatchers Anime Comics and Gaming Score: 88

Bodysnatchers Anime, Gaming, and Comics | Listen Free on Castbox.

№7 The Musafir Stories — India Travel Podcast Score: 81

The Musafir Stories – India Travel Podcast | Listen Free on Castbox.

№8 Activate Your IELTS: Be Determined Score: 79.5

Activate Your IELTS: Be Determined | Listen Free on Castbox.

№9 What’s Wrong With Wrestling? Score: 72.5

What’s Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show | Listen Free on Castbox.

№10 UFO Buster Radio Score: 35

UFO Buster Radio | Listen Free on Castbox.

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TO: All podcast listeners/ Castbox users

Now’s your chance to vote for your favorite podcasts to help them WIN TheVoice on Blockchain!

From Aug 20th — Sept 26th 2018, ContentBox and Castbox are partnering to run The Voice on Blockchain, the first decentralized talent competition built for the crypto space.

YOU get to decide which podcaster will become the first voice on Blockchain.

HOW? Your listens, subscriptions and BOX rewards count toward the contestants’ final score.

What’s in it for YOU? If you gift any of the contestants with BOX, you will split 10,000 BOX (~ $200) amongst all other voters!

Please note, every NEW Castbox user (who sets up an account) will automatically be given 2 free BOX tokens in their wallet, which can be used to reward contestants.

Winners will be announced on September 26th at 12am ESTLearn more about the competition hereSee the complete list of podcasters/contestants here.

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