//Applied as a Petsmart bather/groomer trainee

Applied as a Petsmart bather/groomer trainee

I have a friend who works as a groomer at my local Petsmart and she has somewhat explained to me what to expect if I get hired. She explained what to expect for pay and that it will go up once I earn commission. She also explained that after a few months I will go to the academy and be expected to sign a 2 year contract with the corperation.

This will be my second job also, as I am a cashier at a smokehouse currently. But Petsmart will also be my main job if I get hired. I have only ever worked in the restaurant business as I am only 20 years old. I have had dogs my whole life and I did a majority of their grooming and bathing at home.

My question is: What is everything I should expect? How is the environment generally and what all would I be doing in the beginning? Also what are the worst things to prepare for, whether it be customers, coworkers, or tasks?

I really want a job that is different and challenging yet enjoyable. And I like to be prepared going into all things in order to be my absolute best. Any advice, comments or suggestions would be great. (Also I was more interested in smaller non-corperarion jobs but was advised against it for my specific area, sadly.)

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