//Changing myself for the best

Changing myself for the best

Earlier this month I was lost and posted on this subreddit asking for advice on monasteries I could travel to. I’ve gone through so much pain and trauma in life that all I wanted was to meditate and seek enlightenment. I wanted to renounce all physical possessions and leave everything behind. Tonight however I’ve found true inner peace. I’m converting to Islam and becoming a slave to Allah. I want to live my life practicing peace, humility, and have respect for every and any human being. Today I’m getting rid of my ego, and giving myself to God. I will turn my life around. Going to fix all my grades as well and hopefully graduate with a 4.2 and go to the Air Force Academy, where I can study Physics and Mathematics. I’m only posting this as a positive affirmation and a thank you to everyone on this subreddit. You are all beautiful humans and I wish the best for all of you, on your journeys spiritually as well as financial prosperity. I hope all of you have beautiful relationships with your family and friends. And if you’re going through anything negative, I pray you have the strength to fight through it. I promise you you’ll be a better and stronger person once you get through the obstacles life’s put on your paths. Thank you once again to everyone. You have all enlightened me. Today will be the day I live for God, My family, and everything except for my self. I will live the rest of my life selflessly. I hope you all find the peace I’ve found tonight. I truly believe I’ve opened my third eye. I understand what it means to live for everyone and everything except myself. Thank you.

Edit: Also practicing celibacy from now on and telling my girlfriend I’m abstinent as well. I will marry her one day. I will come back to this post in 10 years after my life’s been turned around.

Everyday I wake up I will take a cold shower, shave, and make myself tea. I will do 100 push ups, 100 sit up, and 100 squats, make my bed, handwash my clothes, then finish all my schoolwork. Cleanliness is next to Godliness ūüôā I will rewash and wear the same black shirt and jeans. These will be the only clothes I wear. Also going to always have my haircut and well kept. I mean every word as well. I know a lot of people promise and don’t keep it but my word is my bond. I will manifest financial prosperity for me and my family as well as the world. I’m Black and beautiful. I will travel back to West Africa whenever I can and do volunteer work there. I’m saying all of this for accountability. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. I’ll come back in 10 years once all of this has been put to practice daily. I’ve detached from ego and desires, so now I have the self control to become a better man. I will be a knowledgeable, God-fearing man. That is all. Asalamalakum. Also on shrooms but from today on I will never put another drug in my body. I will be 100% sober. Last year I overdosed and woke up from coma. This year I’ll wake up my third eye. I will live for my father, mother, and sister. They are all beautiful beings who deserve nothing but love and respect and I’m happy that I can be the man that gives them that. I will also marry my girlfriend and treat her with nothing but love and respect and love her for the beautiful woman that she is and will become. She has so much potential and is so intelligent and creative that I’m excited to see where life takes her, and I know she’ll find happiness and peace within herself as well. Can’t explain how much I love she’s helped me through depression, suicide attempts and addiction. She stood next to me through it all and I’m happy I can be a strong, loving man for her. Still a pimp at heart though😎☮️ Don’t get it twisted lmao but Ima ride and die for her. 10 years from now my mom will be in the home of her dreams. Right now my parents are divorcing so this is a new beginning for them as well. I pray my mom and dad find new love and someone that means as much to them as my girlfriend (future wife) means to me. And to my beautiful, intelligent sister I pray she’ll materialize success as well. Nothing material means anything to me, but I know it means a lot to my family so I hope they get everything they need. I already have everything I need and could ever want. I have my soul and my mind. “The most dangerous thing in America is a nigga with a library card”😂✌🏾 Going to read a book a week as well as the Qu’ran.

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