//Pondering Quarantine

Pondering Quarantine

*This is a channeled journal entry from April 2020. Wanted to share as a year later I still feel this resonates deeply for me. If it sparks anything with in another, it was worth passing on. *

It feels like a race, being alive now. But instead of coming in first the goal is to ride out the whole experience fully, to make it to the end.

As if this time period we live in, is all that there will be to experience, all that matters. Stay alive to see what’s next. When in fact the truth of nature is, life has always felt this urgent, this finite in old age yet everlasting in youth.

The current pandemic we find ourselves faced with is but an escalator, where there normally is merely a stair case. Ushering out those of us that finish their race too soon, or are “disqualified” due to circumstances outside (or within) their own control.

But death, even in mass numbers is not new to humanity; rather it is the modality of travel that is new to us, and the expedient nature of this virus that strikes fear in the hearts of people. Be it fear for their own lives, or of those they love, we are all profoundly shaken by the devastating reality that we may not finish our race, we may not make it to our own finish line. Day to day life leaves little room for m contemplating the inevitability that the lives we know will some day end. Between coffee and twilight the mind is bombarded with signs and detours, all vying for our attention and energy, and at the end of each day- do we truly go to bed with the awareness and profound feeling of respect for our actions, thoughts and words that passed in that time? Are we proud of the lives we live when the fear of our demise is not forefront and center?

Even faced with the notion that this life could end tomorrow, due to circumstances such as these, are we living with passion purpose and gratitude for what time is left? Or are we struggling with fear, panic and resistance to the thoughts that the lives we have led thus far seem inadequate and pale in comparison to the potential we know we harness within; and that with more time we could see blossom into the most fruitful happy and love filled years of our lives.

If only we had more time.

And yet many of us, if not the majority of us will survive this period of uncertainty and disturbing terror, and we will march on; as humanity has since its inception- to prolong the history of our species.

But individually will we truly harness the potential; live and love in the way we currently pray and hope we still have time to? Or will we revert back to the 9-5, unfulfilling monotony of societal pressures? Will we continue to shame and criticize those around us, while refusing to accept or act on our own short comings? Will we still live as if our lives are simply fleeting moments, unimportant and unyielding to the beauty and joy that could fill our lives with such colorful passion and meaning? Or will we finish our races stronger than they began, in hopes to honor those that were disqualified at the hands of these times we find ourselves in now.

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