//Thank you guys for being so awesome!

Thank you guys for being so awesome!

So, first off, i'm straight as can be. I always liked the ideia of being able to expand my sexuality , but sincerely , i just feel attracted to women , and that's alright I'm completely happy with that, so , no worries.

Why am I posting this? Yesterday , one of my dearest friends "confessed" to me he's going through changes , and that he is transgender ( btw , I'm still calling my friend "him" because that's what he still wants).I've known him for 20 years+ , even though we rarely see each other now, I still love him to death and he's one of the greatest friends I could have ever asked for.

Anyways , that happened, and … I mean , he thanked me so many times in tears for being supportive and that he's happy I accept him and his choices… To which I replied , WTF is there for me to accept ? I love you, You don't owe me anything besides love and friendship. You are you. Please don't ever feel like you need to be accepted by the people who say they love you because of these changes.

It was my birthday , and that was the best gift any friend could give me. The trust and the love he gave me by opening with me his true and deepest feelings.We hugged for a long time and shed some tears together.

Now , I like to think I always was open minded , and still am, but I would really like to thank you wonderful people for helping me understand better how to be supportive to the ones I love , and to this community.

There are still lots of things I have a hard time figuring out, and some, I still can't . But if I was able to make someone I love happy yesterday, well , part of the reason are you "guys".

So, sincerely, with love from a straight and many times clueless guy , thank you so much.

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