//Two unrelated questions

Two unrelated questions

Last week I posted here about a book to start SEO, bought one and read it cover to cover. Now I am ready to redesign my website but I am running into some questions.

My website will have multiple directories where we sell different things like products, tools and courses. I am building out an in house team for blogging and should have content out daily, but not on every topic every day. How should I structure the site map for the blog?

Like this: .com/product/product-subcategory/blog and .com/courses/course-subcategory/blog


like this: .com/blog and have it link to the relevant sections.

I am only worried about this because I read that google favors subcategories where all of the content relates to itself.

Question 2.

We sell a lot of books through amazon as Kindle direct printing makes our books. Currently, we are using squarespace blocks for amazon affiliate links and do not sell any amazon manufactured product on our page. Are these outbound links going to effect my sites SEO (we have 30 and growing)?

Also, is there any way to sell these products directly on my site and have them fulfilled by amazon? This is the ideal situation but I have never of anyone doing this when amazon manufactures the product.

Thanks in advance. Last week I got such amazing tips and I appreciate the feedback in this reddit.

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